“Venetia Boyd is, without a doubt, the most artistic, thoughtful, and emotionally-inspiring photographer my wife and I have ever seen! Words alone cannot express how magnificent and awe-inspiring her ability to capture the emotions of any given moment!

My wife-to-be and I were looking for a wedding photographer to capture our most treasured moments, but we had yet to find one that stood out in terms of talent. As a suggestion from a family member, we contacted Venetia and met with her to discuss what we were looking for. After showing us some examples of previous works, and giving us ideas of what she would do for us, we enthusiastically agreed that Ms. Boyd would be the photographer to go with!

She captured every wonderful and blessed moment of our wedding in such wonderful and vibrant detail that we actually found ourselves shedding a few tears reminiscent of our wonderful and joyous wedding day. When she told us “I don’t miss a single moment,” she was very true to her word! She captured every part of our entire wedding so true to the moment that my wife and I had quite a bit of difficulty deciding on which pictures should go into our wedding album! The play on angles of certain moments, the way she utilized the natural lighting of the outdoor wedding…everything was so beautifully and perfectly captured that our friends and family members continue to come up to us and ask us “WHERE did you find your wedding photographer?! She did an outstanding job!!!”

Venetia, you are definitely a Godsend. We thank you VERY MUCH for the wonderful job you did for us. May God always continue to bless you with your amazing skill and talents!”

--Ashley & Jennifer W.


"Maxine and I were looking for the "right" photographer to meet the needs of

our wedding. After meeting Venetia, and seeing her work, we both agreed we had found the

right person to handle our special day. We could hardly wait to see our

photo's. When we did, it was like"living" the entire day over. Venetia was

able to capture the essence of our "Love for each other" on film, and

provided memories that we will cherish for a life time."

Timothy & Maxine W.


We loved your pictures and think you are an amazing person

Robert P.


I love your quality of work, attitude & "customer service"



Again you did an awesome job on the pictures!!! They really tell the story of how special that night was. You captured everything!!!!

----- Cynthia S., Divas on the Go


Hello Venetia,

I just reviewed xxxx's Dance video per VEEB's photos and it is "EXCELLENT!"

I love it! It is incredible! Superb with splendor! Thank you for creating our first project with your company. I have seen it 5 times and I am highly impressed. The intro/outro along with the timing inbetween reflects the professionalism that we would like to portray as a ministry....


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